Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Crazy day!

Today was a nutty day. Our web-based network wasn't working so I couldn't do any work until this afternoon. This meant that all the reviews that hadn't been done were rushed over to me. I did 13 reviews this afternoon. Good practice, though. Also, the money plays a factor! =)
Tim didn't get called for jury duty today but he has to call back tomorrow afternoon. I just hope that over the next few days he is on phone standby only. That means we can still spend some nice time together.
I am currently watching Star Wars Episode I. I complained too, but Tim said we have to start in chronological order. Oh well, I'm just watching the parts with Liam Neeson and Darth Maul. That's really all that is worth watching. (Sorry Tim, you know how I feel) Anyway, I think it is time for a little Perfect Dark Zero, or PDZ as us gamers say. Check my xbox live profile below and on the right to see how I am doing!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas has come and gone

So I'm sure that anyone reading my blog has probably read what Tim has to say already, or is going to read what Tim has said, so i will spare you the long, drawn out description of our holiday. In summary, it was really great. I got a digital camera so I will soon be posting beautiful pics a la Bianca! =)
Today we went to see King Kong. It was pretty good, but too long. I think Peter Jackson gets a bit wrapped up in everything and can't find a way to end his films early. Overall, the Lord of the Rings films are better I think, but Kong definitely was worth a look see. I usually don't like Jack Black in anything he does. He just seems like an unattractive bumbling idiot most of the time, but he was really good in Kong because it is all drama. This is the first I have seen of Adrien Brody and Naomi Watts, as their other movies have been about war and horror, two genres that I avoid regularly. Adrien Brody is odd, because he is funny looking when you first see him, but the more he is onscreen, the more adorable he becomes. Plus, nice body! =) Peter Jackson is producing The Lovely Bones and Halo as movies in the future. I haven't yet read The Lovely Bones but I will and everyone knows what a great game Halo is. I just hope he doesn't muck Halo up, because video game movies have a tendency of being crap.
Anyway, Christmas has come and gone and now we have the new year to look forward to. I hope that Tim gets some time off this week. He is scheduled for jury duty but hopefully he won't get called. Tim and Eric are going to play hearts on the 360 now so I'll sign off. I hope everyone had a nice, safe Christmas and I hope that Santa brought you all everything you wanted! Peace out homies. =)

Friday, December 23, 2005


Tonight Tim and I are going out to dinner with some of my old friends from chiropractic school. It should be fun to have a mini-reuninon. It's funny though, because so many people have left this area. It'll be nice to see everyone again.
I can't believe that Christmas is here! It really came up quick. Tim and I are just doing stockings this year for each other, but I've put some pretty "sizeable" things in his sock already! =) I can't wait for Christmas morning together. I have to find a Starbucks that is open on Christmas day before we go to his parents house. I'm going to need my fix for sure! Gingerbread latte, here I come.
As a sidebar, I am watching Starsky and Hutch with Ben Stiller. This movie just re-affirms my love for Jason Bateman. It's funny though, because he never looks like himself in old movies or in weird fire based child killing Twilight zone episodes wearing Burberry PJ's. Hmmmm...More love to him. Not as much as Matthew Perry though. He will always be my number one!

Monday, December 19, 2005

And that's why you don't use a one armed man to teach a lesson!

AD was brilliant tonight. They really have outdone themselves. Hi-larious. It's amazing that so many of my favorite shows have totally impressed me this weekend. Both the Simpsons and Family Guy were great (Who doesn't love the Church of Fonz or the mocking of Desperate Housewives? "The red headed one looks like someone pulled silly putty over their knee") And then tomorrow, we learn the identity of the Carver on Nip/Tuck! Yay!!!! I really hope that they don't do anything stupid and ruin my good show buzz that I have going on now.
Tim and I are settling in for the evening. He is playing Prince of Persia and I'm reading a book I got for Christmas from Cheri. I really wanted to watch crap shows on MTV but thank God for Tivo. I'll just watch them in the morning when I am working. =) Then I won't have to hear Tim complain about everything. He's lucky I am such an understanding wife. Ha Ha Ha! Fonzi be with you.
These two take great pics together
I don't know...people were drinking a lot!

The infamous teabag hat, donned by Kwanzaa Dave

Fun times at the annual Christmas party!
As you can tell, it was a wild and crazy time.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cracking the nuts!

Today B, Tim, Sarah, Steve and I went to the Nutcracker in San Jose. We had lunch first and then went to Starbucks to sit and chat. I felt like we should have been filmed for a chic, trendy tv show. Love it!
The ballet was beautiful. (The men have the best bodies too!) That's why women like the ballet, I think. We can enjoy the dance and the music and then oggle the hot bods!
After the ballet, we all came back and watched The 40 year old Virgin. I have to say that I have a huge crush on Steve Carrell. He's such a cutie pie and hilarious! If you're not watching The Office, you should be. It's just like AD, where there is no laugh track and it is shot in an artistic way. Two thumbs up!
Anyway, I hope that everyone had a nice, safe weekend. Keep dry and don't leave your uncle teabag hanging! (AD never gets old! I love it!)

Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm bad, I know!

I can't believe that it has been 10 days since I last posted. I'm so bad! Although, the time has gone by so quickly because Tim and I have been busy bollocking the world for not doing their job. As you all know, our TV has been broken for more than a month now. But praise the Lord, we have a new Sharp Aquos TV! It's so pretty. As B said about her camera...lookit the baby! =)

I went to Santana Row today to get my nails done at Lavande nail salon. I highly recommend it. It's so clean and sterile which I love! It's not that much more expensive than a regular hole in the wall place, so I feel like it is worth it. Plus, they do such a great job. Nothing like a good mani-pedi, eh girls?

Right now I'm watching A Baby Story on TLC. That program makes me cringe. All that pushing and screaming just confirms that I am not ready for a child. (Bless you birth control, bless you). Plus, today at Sur la Table at Santana Row, this little boy who was about 3 years old screamed like he was being tortured for about 15 minutes straight while his mum shopped. Why do parents let their children scream like that? At least try to calm him down or take him out of the store. I was on the phone with Tim in the store and he asked if there was a T-Rex tearing down the store!

Anyway, the oven just beeped. I am making mini-muffins for a party tomorrow. German Chocolate with cream cheese frosting. Is it bad to have cupcakes for dinner? Hmmm...=)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We have returned

What a blast this weekend was in Disneyland. We had a nice drive down on thursday and a great dinner for my mum's birthday on Friday. I think the most fun we had was actually at the bar in the Grand California hotel. Ha! We had the worst service but the drinks were very strong. They are liberal with the alcohol there. My dad had to keep going up to the bar to get our drinks and then we were all tipsy because they were so strong. The best is that my dad tried to pay with a 100 dollar bill and the bartender just looked at it and handed it back to him about 2 minutes later. So basically, they couldn't figure out how to change a 100 dollar bill and we got some drinks for free! Good times. I'm really glad that my dad could come though, as I think it really made the trip special for my mum. The only bummer was that we didn't get to see any fireworks because there were "high winds". I felt really sad after that so Tim and I went to see another show that had mini fireworks. At least I got my fix of things blowing up. Pyro much?

On a different note, a rep from the HMO company that represents Kaiser is coming out to my office tomorrow to make sure it is suitable for treating patients. I think that I will pass! =) I can't wait to start accepting Kaiser patient's as I think it will make a huge difference to my business. Keep your fingers crossed peeps. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

No day but today

Yay! Disneyland tomorrow! I am at the office waiting for my last patient and then I am going home to make my lists for packing and what to bring in the car tomorrow. Can't get started without a list! I think that Tim and I will watch a little AD on the way down to Anaheim on my laptop. Nothing like the Bluth family to make time go by quickly.
Today was a day of returns. I returned about 5 things to different stores. The best is when I went to Target to take something back without a receipt, they told me that I had maxed out the number of times you could bring something back without a receipt for the year. Thank God that 2005 is almost over! Yikes. I really must do a better job of keeping my receipts. I even have a little receipt keeper that I need to get in the habit of using.
Other than that, life is very good. I've come to the conclusion that life is very short and we should enjoy each day as it comes. Perhaps this comes as no surprise as Sarah and I went to see Rent last weekend (hence the no day but today title) Also, my parents keep on mentioning people they know that are getting cancer and having strokes left and right. So, let's all make a vow to be less stressed! Enjoy life today because you don't know what will happen tomorrow! (Except for me today because tomorrow is Disney) =) Peace out homies! See you when I return from the house of the mouse!

Monday, November 28, 2005

What the deuce is this?

Check out this Butt Ugly Dog. How sad is this thing? I saw it last week on Regis and Kelly and thought it was a giant rat! But no, it's a dog..and from California no less. Anyway, I hope that didn't frighten you too much. Today was a good day for me. I got to hang out with my mum and dad which I haven't done for a long time. We had a nice dinner, bought some stuff for Chrimbo (Christmas, England style) and then I came home. What's up with the rain now? Although, we really shouldn't be complaining about it considering my friend Kelley said it is -17 celcius in Canada. YIKES! A little rain doesn't seem so bad now.
Don sent me my copy of King Kong the game for the 360 so I believe it is now time for a little monkey bashing! Good night and good luck.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Struck down by a disease

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and thought it was just due to the fact that Tim and I are sleeping with the windows open. However, it has persisted and now I'm feeling like crap. We had a nice dinner with our friends though. Perhaps I can fight off this cold with some tea and sleep. It better be gone by thursday as we are going to Disneyland! Yay! I'm so excited to see the 50th annivery celebrations in conjunction with the Christmas decorations. It will really put me in the mood for Christmas. Although, I have already started decorating the apartment. I copy the set ups out of the Pottery Barn catalogue with things bought from Target and B,B&B. Nothing like the Tar-get to spice up your life...

Friday, November 25, 2005

The eagle has landed

The 360 is here. It was delivered this morning at 10:45. It's white and weighs a couple of pounds. Its about 12 inches long and is so pretty when it glows green. Ha Ha! It's sad because it's true. The 360 is like a baby to Tim so I thought I would introduce it in a baby way! We are now going to play Perfect Dark Zero. I'm sure Tim will be writing a thoroughly polite blog entry later on today...that is if he comes up for air!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Addictions continue

Why am I addicted to MTV shows? Right now I'm really into Making the Band. I especially enjoy when Puffy comes in and cuts people. Who doesn't love the drama? I know it so cheese, but I'm really a teeny bopper at heart. One of the girls on this show is named Aubrey..I really like that name. She also has the hair that I want. Damn her. I was also watching miss seventeen but since we are without access to the tivo, I don't know what is being taped. It will be interesting to see what it has been taping this whole time while we've been unable to watch it. I bet it's full now. Oooh. the drama is beginning. I must watch the cat fight!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Harry Potter

We got to see a sneak preview of Harry Potter tonight. It was really quite good. I know that usually books don't get translated into good movies, but I think they are doing well with HP. This one is rated PG 13 and it definitely warrants that rating. A few dramatic/violent scenes but nothing that chicken me couldn't handle. Tim and I are once again watching season 2 of AD. We really are addicts. I love how any line from that show can fit into daily life....plus who doesn't love a good plot involving a british gang and houses built for S. Hussein. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Minute silence for AD

I forgot to mention that at this point in time on Monday nites i would usually be watching arrested development, but since the wankers at fox have removed it from their spectacularly poor line up, I would like to take a minute of silence for AD. I may have to go out and join the blue man group....Tim and B, I will bring the snacks if you bring the blue paint. =)

Oh my God, no way!

I love reading random blogs, although it seems as though everyone else is having a crazier life than me....i think that it is probably because I don't live in the center of a major city. All the action seems to take place in NY or LA. Rock on San Jose...you have been good to me.
So, our tv won't be fixed until next week when the part comes in. Weak sauce. Of course, Tim is mostly concerned that we'll be wihout our super TV when the XBOX 360 comes out in a few weeks. What will he do? Will he be forced to play on our smaller, weaker bedroom TV? Tragedy is afoot.
My one patient today didnt show up. Things are SUPER slow right now but that's okay because I got a raise at my other job and I'm working for them about 5 hours a day now. Good for me and my pocketbook. (PS what the deuce is up with pocketbooks?)
I looked in my closet today and felt very dissapointed with my selection. I need to shop for more clothes, yet I suck at picking things out. Maybe I need to start wearing tie-dye and jimmy jams outside so that gay dude and chickie from what not to wear will show up and stalk me and dress me like a doll. They could throw all my clothes away if they wanted to. I wouldn't complain.
If anyone sees them around....flag their asses down and let them know that Lisa needs a new wardrobe. (Sans pocketbook) Enough said.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Try this

Try this out!
I am worth approx 2.1 million dollars. Go me.

Bees? Beads? Bees?

Why is Fox making the biggest mistake of their life? Arrested Development is by far the best show on TV! How can they keep on the mindless drivel that is the majority of their shows?! It makes no sense. I hope that Fox will listen to the fans and realize the error of their ways.
I went to Santana Row last night to an Irish pub and had dinner with my hubby and our best friends. What a nice time we had. Then they came back to our apt and we watched their wedding video. I want to get married again! =)
Tim and I have been holed up in our room all day because our big TV out front is broken. We went out for a few groceries this morning and then went to Krispy Kreme. I was surprised at how good their coffee was and I'm pleased that they have their pumpkin spice doughnuts again. I've had two today along with a breakfast burrito (homemade). Now one would think that would be enough food but I'm craving a whopper jr. Damn you BK! Damn you to hell! Why can't I just eat what I want? Actually, I could eat what I want if I would get back to the gym, although it seems as though I can't drag my ass around to it...oh well.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Now I am 26

It's weird because I don't feel like I'm any older. I had a really nice birthday. I got to spend it with my family and friends, which is always good. Nothing like a good round of Taboo to put you in a good mood.
Today was a nice day as well. I had a lot of work to do but took a break to have lunch with my mum at Santana Row. When we were there, I parked next to a big Ford Expedition and when I got out I saw a wallet lying underneath it. I picked it up and started going through it to try to find a number I could call. In the meantime, the owner came back to his car in a panic. He gave me 100 bucks for findings his wallet! Cool. It's nice when things you do get appreciated.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Damn you Burger King

AD really has something going with getting BK on board. Their food is so damn good. I'm hooked on whopper jr.'s now. Damn then! I'm sure what Morgan Spurlock said in super size me is true....these companies get you hooked! Anyway, I'll have to try to keep everything in moderation. =) I'm off to post my license renewal. They "lost" my renewal notice that was supposed to be sent out 60 days ago. Now I have to scramble to get it done. Another $150 out of my pocket. Boo. Boo I say. Boo.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


My MOH Robin got engaged! YAY! I love weddings...

How did it get to Sunday already?

Sunday is a wierd day because I love that Tim and I hang out and watch football, but then it always goes by so quickly. This weekend has been fun. I went shopping with my bud yesterday and bought some great things. There is nothing like having a good shopping day and buying things that you really need...especially snazzy new shoes (wink wink). I got a new hoodie and bag for my computer, both of which I really needed (or did I?).

It's my birthday on Thursday. I'm going to be 26, although it doesn't really feel like it. I can't believe that my birthday snuck up on me. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and then DISNEYLAND! I can't wait to go this year, with it being Christmas and the 50th anniversary. Tim made a comment today that this trip will be the first time we go together as a married couple. How cool is that?

I can't wait for Christmas...it's time to start making my shopping list. Of course I have no money to shop with, but what the hell, you only live once.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh dear God! Every damn time!

Some random soccer mom gave me the finger today while driving because I didn't slam on my brakes to let her over as she merged at the last minute. I was so shocked that I didn't even believe it at first. What the hell? Don't wait til the last minute BITCH! Those frickin arrows that tell you to merge start way before you need to. I guess it's just another sign that most people out there in the world are idiots. Today is Halloween, but it doesn't really feel like it because it is a monday. What the deuce is that all about? How are we supposed to ask like fools on a school nite? Oh well, I will try my best at my beloved friends' party tonight. I think that I need to step up my vitamins because I feel like crap. I just have no energy for anything yet I have a billion things to do. Why is it then when you have so many things to do, you can't do anything???!?!?! Stupid laws of the world. Oh well. Perhaps it is time for some AD. Nothing like AD to cheer you up. Lisa love Michael.
PS- Jason Bateman got Punk'd last night. He looked so friggin hot until he started smoking. What the deuce? Why does the world still think it is ok to smoke? I hope he sees it and realizes how much he looks like a fool. He can join the club with Matthew Perry.....my loves....

Friday, October 28, 2005

Attack of the killer squirrels

So a squirrel tried to get into my apartment yesterday. I was sitting on the couch with the screen door closed when a squirrel just ran across the balcony and started nibbling on the screen door. I made a hissing noise and he jumped and went away...how dare he try to get into our house! (I think it was a he, but you can never tell with those squirrel types)Tim and I holed up in the apartment today. We had slurpees and watched Batman Begins. That is true love right there. Nothing better than a giant slurpee and a great movie with your significant other. Oh, now there are two squirrels on the tree outside and they are shaking their tails at the dogs running around. Those squirrels are teases! Go dogs, go!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kiss me Kate

I'm watching the DVD recording of Kiss Me, Kate that was filmed in London at the same theatre that I saw it at. I highly recommend Kiss Me, Kate for those who love musicals. It's funny, romantic and everyone loves the Taming of the Shrew. =) Plus, they use words like "wench"...ha ha ha ha. Everyone loves a good wench. I've tried to get Tim into theatre but I don't think it will ever be his thing. At least he is a good sport and lets me watch these things on my own.
We went to see Prime last night at the movies. It was really quite good. I want to steal Uma's hairdresser though.....she always has the hair that I want, that bitch. Plus, the guy in the film is super hot! It also reminds you of what it is like to start new in a relationship.....and the sex in the movie is hot as well! =) Go out and see it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Me and the Disney goat

I brought these gifts for you....

Today was a good day although it passed by too quickly. I feel like the days get away from me and I haven't accomplished anything that I want to. My parents are in HK right now packing up the apartment. There is so much to do and I think that they are feeling overwhelmed right now. Plus, jet lag is a bitch. =) They were lucky though as they were upgraded to first class on the way over.
I have this great playlist on my iPod that is called "mellow". Right now I'm listening to Micael Buble and next is Jamie Blunt....Perhaps "mellow" is the reason why I don't get anything done! Perhaps an attic shall I seek.....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Can I fry your nads?

Today I took my X-ray licensing test. I think that I did okay but I hate how the radiology board threw in some random questions about the baseline fog of the film and what to do to measure it...or some BS like that. Who cares? That's what you pay someone to do for you. This is how I like to think an X-ray machine works: I put the person in front of it, I put the film in the holder, I position the person so that the x-ray will go through the part I want to see and then I push a button, it makes a noise and then we all go skipping merrily on our way. Stupid base fog! We don't care about you! Anyway, the best thing right now is that I have Tivo on my new computer so that I can watch all 2005 episodes of AD and family guy. Life doesn't get any better than that! I can't believe that my weekend was spent studying. I thought that part of my life was over. At least my brunch with my chica (FOR BRITISH EYES ONLY) was the highlight. We must do that more often....it's just so SATC! (Less slutty though)It's times like those that keep you sane when your life starts to get a litle out of control.

Friday, October 21, 2005


I think that I had the worst dream of my life last night. In my dream, my husband told me that he had cheated on me with some girls at a video game convention. Then some other women showed up because they heard I was having a mental episode. I tried to get on the phone, but it was shaped like a gun and I couldn't figure out how to use it. So...I basically didn't sleep from 4:45 onwards. Bee, you and I should be on IM in the early morn, keep each other company. Anyway, I've put it out of my head. I cleaned the apartment this AM and I'm doing laundry now. Nothing like a good clean to make you feel better. Oops, there's the buzzer. Hi ho...off to get laundry I go.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I am fortunate to be typing on my new laptop computer that I bought today for "business". Tim was great and had it connected wirelessly in about 10 minutes. It's so nice having a technosavvy husband! He is currently playing a game called Stubbs the Zombie where you play as a zombie in the 50's and go around eating brains. It's actually quite amusing and has a kick ass old school soundtrack. (That's the best part for me)I love new gadgets!I also realize that some family coalition has said that Arrested Devlopment and Family Guy are two of the least family friendly shows on tv. All I have to say is.....
1) Na na na na, Na na na na Holy crap here comes Jesus and he doesn't look too happy.
2) I'll meet you down at the big yellow joint

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tony Wonder!

As I sit here with my husband watching Arrested Development (Marry Me, Bianca!), I realize that these are the happiest times of my life. Nothing better than watching a great tv show in your PJ's with your loved one(s). Today my patient forgot about her appointment and then our meeting was canceled, so today was pretty much a bust. I have postposed my X-ray exam til monday as I have become the champion of procrastination. Case in point, it's taken me about 10 minutes to write the previous 10 words of drivel. My parents are leaving on Sunday to go back to Hong Kong and pack up the apartment. It's a little sad that all aspects of my childhood are going to be packed up and shipped in a giant crate across the ocean. I hope nothing falls off the boat! I think today I will end with a quote from Family Guy....I have these gifts for you they're up in my bum! Look at my fanny, look at my fanny, look at my fanny!

Monday, October 17, 2005

I have been informed..

The people that are working in the office next door are so loud. We can hear everything they say. My co-worker and I are thinking about saying something really weird like "hide the gun in here" just to freak them out. In case you are curious, they are talking about not having any hot water and then installing a dishwasher. Whatever. I am waiting for my mum to come into my office so that I can treat her. We were supposed to have lunch with Sarah and Steve today, but they decided not to come down to San Jose. It's okay because I have to study for the rest of the day anyway. Boo. I hate having to take an X-ray test. How boring.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

At last...

So Sarah and Steve are finally married. Good times were had by all. The music was awesome, especially when he played the new BEP song which is really weird but so damn catchy! Love it. All in all, it was a great time. I felt so happy for them last night and it made me remember my wedding (all of 3 months ago). I hope they have a good time in Costa Rica and don't get bitten by any crazy snakes that Tim and I saw on tv today. Yikes!