Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I realize that I have been negligent of the blog over the past month. I'm thinking its because of my new increased use of Twitter and occasional perusal of Facebook. So, baby was due on Friday and is now late. They will let me go until a week from Friday and then I will have to be induced =( My plan is to really do this naturally and let her come when she is ready, however, my OB said that the risk to the baby is just too great after 42 weeks. So, we shall see. She did also say that most people don't get past 41 before they deliver on their own, so fingers crossed that she'll be here by the end of the week. I'm not dilated yet, but that doesn't really matter. She is in position already and the OB could touch her head today. She's going to be a whopper as well, OVER 8 pounds. I don't look forward to pushing that girl out, but I know she's going to be big and healthy so I'm excited about that! Plus, I know that babies usually lose a little weight in the hospital so we shall see. Hopefully the next update will be with pics of our baby girl! Keep your fingers crossed for us.