Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good news everyone

After breakfast this morning, Tim and I decided that we wanted to get new hamsters right away as the den is so empty without Cocoa. So....we trekked down to petsmart to check out our options. We narrowed the field down to a breed called robo hamsters and winter whites. (Tim wanted mice or a rat, but they just were a bit to ugly for my liking. Plus, one of them mooned me quite blatantly so....) They didn't have any russians in groups of 2 or more and we knew we wanted at least two so we had to pick something else. The robos were SUPER tiny and seemed a bit too feisty for us. It actually said on the cage that if they got loose you would never catch them.
So, winter whites for us. Evidently, if the weather is consistently dark, they turn white. Right now they a little grey with white tummies. So cute. Pictures to follow. Oh yeah, their names are nibbler and squeak. =)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our fat little friend

Cocoa our hamster died last night/this morning. She was all snuggled up in her bedding with her eyes closed. =( Good way to go, I guess.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Don't make resolutions....set goals for 08

I read this quote today and liked it: "concrete goals don’t evaporate in the face of adversity, hardship or laziness. Resolutions are broken — and usually abandoned — with one misstep; goals are such a long journey that bad footwork days are to be expected. There have been goals that have taken several years to accomplish but that have been achieved over time."

What are your goals for 2008? Mine are as follows (in no particular order)
1) Be more efficient in my job so I don't have to work so hard
2) Continue my exercise/eating plan and lose 7 more pounds (10 lost already).
3) Read more non-fiction books
4) Break my habit of leaving piles of papers and bills on the kitchen counter
5) Limit procrastination of any kind in all aspects of my life (note I didn't say completely stop)
6) Enjoy my parents new house/mansion (pretend it's my summer home in the Hamptons)
7) Prepare (as much as possible) to get pregnant
and lastly just for Bee-
8) Feel great in the 08! =)

Happy New Year to you all. I hope that all of your hopes and dreams come true this year....