Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I've given in. I'm over to the dark side. Come find me on Facebook.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Finding a good hair person can be hard these days. I had a really good girl and then all of a sudden she upped and left for San Diego. No warning, No goodbye, Nothing! So, I had to get a new girl. I stayed at the same place and went to the girl that has been cutting my mom's hair. I needed to get my hair highlighted too, so needless to say I was nervous. It's always scary when someone new works on your hair, especially when they are working with chemicals that could cause blindness if spilled in your eye. Anyhoo, in the end, she did an awesome color job and gave me a great haircut. I'm quite excited. I will definitely be going back to her.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Tim and I met with our potential OB today. I really liked her and felt she was on the same page as me. She seems very relaxed and sees pregnancy not as a "medical" issue, but just as a great part of life. I'm looking forward to working with her. She said the average time to get pregnant is now 6-9 months. Hmm...maybe we need to start trying earlier? =) Tim will be happy to know this...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Musings on the future

I was thinking the other day that come Christmastime, the traditional O'Connor Disneyland trip will roll around and I will probably be pregnant. What does that mean? Am I relegated to Peter Pan and rides such as that? No more California Screamin? No more Indy? Hmm....My mum actually said "maybe we won't go". Blasphemy! Sacreligious! Can't even fathom it....=)

However, thinking about the future some more, I realize that I might be pregnant for Tim's sister's wedding (Early); but for sure for Mike's wedding and for the Christmas party and for New Year's. I will say that I'm excited to be the sober driver though as I'm expecting a great drunken dancing show performed by Tim while Mike takes more of Eric's clothes as Eric angrily argues with himself for hiccuping. Ahh good times!