Thursday, September 18, 2008


Happy Friday everyone (almost). I'm taking a test this weekend for further certification in my work so keep your fingers crossed that I pass. I haven't even started studying yet, but I have a bit of time tomorrow so hopefully I'll get some studying in then. I may even take it to the gym with me so I can study while I work out. So again, keep those fingers crossed! =)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Property tax bill has arrived

Rough week at work

No weekend to relax due to Seminar/re-licensing

Yes I know it could be much worse. My house could be under water or I could have lost my job due to the stock market crashing. But sometimes you just want to wallow in your own sadness. Maybe some filth too. 

Monday, September 08, 2008

Burn Baby

So I got a tad bit of sun yesterday at the game. I am a champion of sunblock but somehow missed my chest and a few pieces on my shoulders. I also have a nice stripe across the top of my head near my hairline. Fortunately, I have good makeup and most people couldn't tell that I was burned. I'm just now starting to feel that tight, hot, itchy feeling across my chest so I'll be keeping a cool ice pack on me later on. =) A cool shower is also in order I think. Unfortunately, our bathroom has been invaded by ants so I need to corral that tonight as well. Happy Monday everyone. Only 4 more days til Friday!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Good evening party people

Hello world. Sorry for my absence. So many things happening, so many naps to be had. I hope everyone had a great Labor Day vacay. Tim and I went to see Tropic Thunder. It was pretty funny and just solidified my love for Robert Downey Jr. 

The one good thing about holidays that occur during the week mean that the rest of the week is short. Today was a crazy busy day but I still managed to get a lot of paperwork done. I just plugged in my headphones and blocked out the rest of the office. Now mind you, my dad was kind enough to buy me a really nice in-ear pair of headphones with noise canceling (not Bose, so Tim approves). Once you put them in, you really can't hear anything. I heart them.

Today also marks my first day back to the gym in about 2 weeks. It felt great to slog it out against the elliptical machine again. I'm looking forward to getting in a few more workouts this week before the weekend rolls around again.