Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why I love American Idol

I'm so glad that American Idol is back in full swing. I'm one of those who only watches at the beginning to see all the crap people. They promise to be a good laugh and plus, I think Simon is cute. (I know, I know, Why I am always attracted to the smokey joes?) Anyway, I was excited initally as someone I actually know auditioned and got through to Hollywood. So I was waiting to see her audition tape as she said that Simon didn't like her.(However, those who watch will remember that Simon was very cranky in good ol San Fran!) Anyway, they didn't show her audition tape. They just showed her coming out and all her family around her celebrating. Turns out, if you get picked to go to Hollywood, you have to sign a massive contract that states that the producers of American Idol own you forever. You have to pay them back any money the spend on you and they can drop you at any time. In the end, my friend decided not to sign the contract and has moved to Nashville to try to break in to the biz there. Hmmmm....Well, I wish her all the best of luck.

In other news, I should be hearing from the doc I interviewed with by Friday. I just want to know either way what is going on. I need to move on with my life, you know? Anyway, I will post something as soon as I find out what is going on.

PS- I am still majorly addicted to perezhilton.com and pinkisthenewblog.com! I think I need help. =)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

We have guns and mustaches! We don't need to explain ourselves.

Ok, so here are my two only good pictures from the SF sketchfest last night. Everything else turned out blurry because the lighting was so bad. Anyway, the pic above is of Rachel Dratch, Amy Pohler, and Horatio Sanz of SNL fame. They were pretty awesome. Lots of laughs were had!
However, here is the kick in the pants. The pic above is of Amy Pohler and her hubby Will Arnett. Now we all know how much Bianca and I LOVE AD and we were so excited to see Will, as GOB is the shiznit! Anyhoo, when Will came out we took loads of pics of him (no flash, mind you). Now somehow I missed this, but Tim and B said that Amy was giving us dirty looks for taking pics of her hubby. Bitch! What the deuce? Her husband is now famous and the star of a superb show. She was just jealous that so many people were there to see him.
Mind you, he talked a lot about all the drugs he did in ages past and she sat in the back and looked pissed the whole time, so who knows. Maybe she's just really uptight. By the by, the improv was really good. They were very funny and Will was definitely a hoot. He is super cute although his hair is too long and he is smokey McGee. I think that is how he stays so thin. He is so thin that it is amazing his Rolex Sub-Mariner watch stays on his bony wrist. (Hey Amy, my viewership of your show and your husband's show paid for that Rolex and all the luxury you live in. So I'm taking as many pictures of him as I want to) 'Nuff said!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oprah's mouth is wide open

I'm watching this controversial Oprah where she confronts James Frey and his editor. She's so angry! However, I must say I like her new 'do with the straightness and the highlights! By the by, what is the big friggin deal? So what if he lied? It's a great book and is very entertaining. It doesn't matter if he embelished a little bit. It still is a book about overcoming adversity and has a positive message. I don't feel like I was lied to. Get a life, Oprah. Plus, this is just going to generate more press for his book. Bad press is still press! =) Stupid....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I've made a huge mistake- 3 days to go!

I am going to see GOB from Arrested Development on Friday and I'm so frickin excited. I can't wait to see him and his wifey (she is also v. v. funny). I've just ordered a shirt that says I've made a huge mistake and I can't wait for that to come in. There definitely needs to be more AD swag out there! =)
As Tim mentioned on his blog, the 360 is fully functioning. We played DOA last night and I must say that I am not bad for not having played in awhile. I play with a character who looks like me except for their saucy costumes. Maybe she brings me luck cause we look alike.
My parents have left Atlantis and are now in England. They are going to be there for two weeks. They were initally going to take care of my grandma, but she doesn't want their help, therefore they have decided to just hang out in England for 2 weeks. It'll be nice for them to get to see the rest of the family, plus they always have a good time being home.
Tonight I'm going to attempt to make a pasta dish with cream of mushroom soup. I'll let you know how it goes! =)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Movie Reviews

Today I watched 4, count them, 4 movies! I will give you my brief opinion and occassional rant.
First, I begin with War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise. I give it one thumb sideways (on the two thumbs up scale) I really dislike Tom Cruise now that he has gone all psycho, but I also really didn't like this movie. There is no explanation of so many things (unless you watch the behind the scenes section and then everyone explains what they were thinking). Hello? It makes no sense. Save yourself two hours and skip this one.
Then we went to see Underworld Evolution. As you are all aware, I love Kate Beckinsdale. Plus, I loved the first Underworld. This one was good if you are a fan of the series. They do a lot of backstory explaining and everything becomes clear. (Unlike War of the Worlds, Spielberg!) It's a pretty violent and gory movie, with loads of fake blood, but nothing I couldn't handle. However, we were walking out and there were a couple of kids in there with their parents! How inappropriate. Besides the extensive violence and gore, there was a super hot sex scene with Kate and Scott Speedman from Felicity. HOT HOT HOT! They showed almost everything....yikes! So yes, I really enjoyed this one.
Then Tim and I came home and watched The Hitchiker's Guide to the galaxy. It was totally weird but really funny and it has a couple of my favorite English actors in it. I think I gave it 3 stars. (Incidentally, check out my ratings now on Netflix. I went on a ratings tear today!)
Then finally, we watched Unbreakable by M. Night Shamalama ding dong. This was the first movie I have seen of his all the way through. I saw bits and pieces of Sixth Sense and never wanted to see Signs or the Village. Anyway, the movie was okay. I thought it was very creative and I can appreciate his talent, but it was a bit slow.
Overall, it was a crazy movie day. Tim and I are trying to bust through the Netflix cue a little more quickly as we usually are lazy about watching things and we are not using our membership to the fullest, I'm sure.
Tomorrow will be football, cleaning the house and napping. An ideal day for me really. Especially the napping part....zzzzzzzz....zzzzzz

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Die Microsoft Die

Microsoft sent us the cord that goes from the wall to the power bar. However, no powerbar was included in this package. So now we have a cable, a 360 and no way to power it. Good job Microsoft. You are all a bunch of tools. Bravo on being totally useless.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

News flash!

So the UPS guy didn't come to the door either but at least he delivered it to the front desk. So, I unpacked the box and we got another brand new 360. BUT....there is no damn power cord! I swear, that company is useless. Anyway, they are overnighting a power cord to us, but I'm not waiting around tomorrow because the UPS guy won't bother to come to the door anyway. Bitches....

Hello boys and girls

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of the XBox 360 via the UPS man. It seems as though XBox has started using UPS instead of DHL....Hmm...This is a good thing, as our local DHL driver is a lazy POS! On several occasions, he lied about trying to deliver something and then puts it down in the computer as "attempted to deliver." You lying sack of crap! I've been here all day waiting so unless you knocked as quiet as a mouse, you are a liar! Anyhoo, the UPS man always tries to deliver and is really nice, so hopefully it should be here any time. Yay!
I still haven't heard from the woman I interviewed with last week. I'll give her a few more days and then I'll get in touch with her. Fingers crossed STILL!
I'm excited because Underworld: Evolution comes out on Friday. I loved the first one and I love Kate Beckinsdale. She is number two on my hot girl list after Angelina, however, we all know that Angelina is falling in favor now that she is pregnant before getting hitched. The only bad thing about Kate is that she is too thin and that she smokes (like everyone, I know). But, alas, she is still a hottie!
Anyway, time to get cracking on my insurance work. As they say in England...Laters!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm a gossip addict

I am totally addicted to surfing the net for celebrity gossip. It has come to the point that I check these sites at least more than one time a day. The master and lord of all gossip is this bad boy. I swear, this boy doesn't work at all.
In other news, I went to observe at the office at which I am interviewing this morning. It was really nice, a very laid back place. I think that I would fit in there well.
My parents are going to Atlantis in the Bahamas for my dad's business meeting tomorrow. (i know, life is hard) They'll be there for a week and then they are going to England as my grandmother isn't doing too well. She needs to go into care, but she is so stubborn. But really, she can't take care of herself, even with her helper. I don't know how long they will be there, but I hope it's not too long. We just all got to be together again!
Tomorrow morning is going to be an exciting time, full of ironing and exercising. I've had a break from exercising for three days, so I need to get back into routine before I get lazy again. At least football will be on. I like Pittsburg, just purely for this guy. Try saying his last name in an aggressive way. It's makes you fired up!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Free at last!

So I gave my 60 days notice today at my office. They took it really well but tried everything to make me stay. I just had to stick to my guns and say thanks but no thanks for right now. I should be hearing from the woman I interviewed with by the end of the week. Fingers crossed peeps!
As a sidebar, Tim got a movie call Havoc from Netflix. It stars that girl Anne Hathaway from the princess diaries. Let me tell you....that movie is crazy. And the language? ROUGH! It's basically about really rich kids living in the Pacific Palisades area who want to be gang types. Tim and I had a good laff though because they are at this party and start singing Tupac songs. That is so Tim and I! It's like that part in Office Space when Michael Bolton is blasting ghetto rap in his car and singing along but then turns it down when a black guy walks by his window. Love it! Anyway, the point of this story is that this movie is all about sex, drugs, drinking and trying to be gang types with the rough kids in east LA. It's nuts. Tim mostly wanted it for the boobs, I think! =) I do recommend it though, as Anne Hathaway is outstanding as an actress. It's just a little odd after seeing the Princess Diaries and all. I am also looking forward to her starring as Andrea in The Devil Wears Prada movie. That should be a good one.
Alas, fatigue is setting in so I think it's time to go to bed and watch a little Family Guy. That's always a good way to end the day! As Stewie says: "I'm going to give you a quick vision test. What is this, a Toblerone or a Poopie?"

PS- What's up with my love Angelina getting preggers? My love for her wanes...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My mind is clear

This New Year has been the best for me. I have decided to leave my office that I work at and get another job. I'll still be a chiropractor, but I'm just not happy where I am. I really feel as though I was on the brink of depression for the past few months. I just hid it really well as neither Tim nor my mum and dad saw it for what it truly was. I was just forcing myself to believe something that wasn't true. Now that I've decided to change my life, it's like my mind has completely become clear. I've felt great everyday since last week when I made my decision. I've started exercising again. I'm eating well, sleeping well. What a difference this has all made. I think the thing for me now is to just keep up my resolve and not lose sight of my goals. I do feel as though this is not just a phase for me. Once my mind is set to something, it's on!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Comings and Goings

My dad's 60th birthday was on Monday. I'm glad that he had such a good time. It's hard to believe that your parent can be 60! I think this birthday will be the start of a really good year for him.

Then we get to the pictures of New Year's Eve. Crazy, crazy times! What a blast the four of us had. I'm really glad that we got to spend that time together. I look forward to many more New Year's Eve's together with Sarah and Steve.
What a great pic of the gang!

Our friend Jose...the main event for New Year's Eve. We did learn, courtesy of Scuba Steve how to take a shot properly. You breathe in, shoot it, then breathe out. No burning, no bleh feeling. He learned it from a drunk Russian. Figures.....=)

Can you tell that we had a good time New Year's Eve? I think you can almost see my tonsils.
So in conclusion, the year end and beginning were fantastic. Arrested Development was the best it has ever been on Monday. I really hope that all the begging will pay off. Tell your friends about this show....please?
This year will bring three weddings into my life. I'm excited to see all my friends get to experience the joy that I did. Plus, I love a good party. And who doesn't love free booze?! I'd like to raise a toast to this year. I wish everyone the love, success and happiness they deserve. We are a special group of people, living the best years of our lives. Never forget that...Love ya!