Thursday, September 09, 2010

love vs hate

So I've always had a problem with my skin. In high school I took medication to try to clear up my skin that was so powerful they made me sign a paper saying I wouldn't get pregnant because it would mess up a baby really badly. After many years of school, I now know why.

And now, at 30, I'm still struggling. And the problem really is that I have hyperpigmented skin, which means that it retains brown discoloration easily. I forgot to put sunscreen over my eyebrows right after I got them waxed one time and since then I have had a brown discoloration over my right eyebrow.

Of course it doesn't help that I scratch my face because it gets so itchy. This of course leads to irritation which leads to brown spots!

I have been using some skin products specifically targeted at discoloration from ROC and Dermatologica (PRICEY). So far I have seen some minor changes but more so as an overall improvement rather then a fading of the markings.

Of course I know my hormones play a role in this as well because when I was pregnant my skin was much better. And now, having just had my first period in 23 months (I KNOW, RIGHT?) my skin is going super haywire again. Gah.

All I can say is bless you Clinique and Bare Minerals. You guys are my saving grace.

But let's not end on a negative note. Let's talk about something I am proud of. Like my hair.

When I was 29, I vowed to cut my hair short when I turned 30. You know, a real grown up haircut. And then Chloe was born and my hair totally changed texture and it gained this ability to be styled and HOLD A STYLE. So then I decided to just let it grow again. So now, we're back to long hair and getting longer. I have also figured out what to do with my fringe (a bit too thick so pulling some back to let it grow out), but overall I'm really happy. Plus I found a new place up here in Fremont to get my hair colored at and she only charges 70 for a whole head of highlights! Score.

Verdict: loving the hair, meh on the skin. But hey, i can always use my fringe to cover up my forehead on bad skin days. I can multitask, ya'll.