Friday, August 27, 2010

One of those days

Where you can't believe you made it though

where I felt so overwhelmed and angry with my child, even though I know she couldn't help it

where I felt like crying 3 times but held it back because I didn't want to scare C

where I really missed my mum because she's still away

where I just wanted to go to bed and wake up in a week

where I allowed myself this complaint time but then made sure to remind myself of things that are good

I am so blessed. We all are.

Even on the days that are bad, I have it so much better than most.

And even though the frustration built, and my walls were shaken, I came out on top.

Plus I bought a new lip stain/balm.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The finger

The universe is out to get me.

I was doing so well with my exercising. i hadn't lost a lot of weight but my body shape was totally changing and I was feeling so good. Then my foot started hurting so I decided to rest it. And wouldn't you know it it doesn't feel ANY BETTER.

Then, Chloe woke up yesterday with big welts on her body after having several days of extreme crankiness due to her teeth. Fortunately, the welts are gone and she seems to be doing better. Although, it seems as though her diaper rash (another gift from the teeth) is coming back so that's always fun.

And now, Tim is sick. Poor guy is working so hard doing 2 jobs that he's falling apart. Ugh.


Friday, August 06, 2010


Hello friends-
What is on your agenda this weekend? It's funny. Being a work at home/stay at home mom gives you a different perspective on weekends. Still look forward to them though. Although sometimes we run into a little snag as I want to get out and Tim wants to be home. But we work it out.

This weekend involves a birthday party and a happy hour. Sooo looking forward to both.

My effort to take more pictures is not going so well. I never seem to have my camera out when I need it. So maybe it needs to stay on the kitchen table. It's not going to do me much good sitting on the computer table in the den, is it?

And how did we get to August? Time continues to fly by. I'm halfway through my 30 day workout challenge. Haven't lost a lot of weight but my body is totally reshaping itself. I gotta keep that in mind when I disagree with my scale.

And now, I wait for that call. The one from the room where the peanut sleeps, butt in the air, paci hanging out of her mouth. I can't wait for her to nap, but then I can't wait for her to wake up....

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Anniversary number 5

On Saturday, Tim and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary.

The day started off with a trip to see the Wiggles at HP Pavillion. Chloe's favorite thing on TV is the Wiggles so we were really excited to see their live show. SO MUCH FUN! She went absolutely nuts when they came out and we were lucky that Jeff (the purple sleepy one) came down the row right in front of us and waved to Chloe. I know she won't remember but the look on her face was priceless.

After the show, we came home and got Chloe settled with my parents. They were kind enough to watch her overnight for us. We then went to Hotel Valencia at Santana Row. We stayed there after our wedding so thought it would be fitting to stay there again. Drinks at Straits; followed by dinner at LB steak. It was nice to get away for the night but I missed Chloe like mad. I swear she grew about an inch overnight.

Now we need to get something else on the Calendar. We've decided that we always need something to look forward to. =)