Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My addiction to coffee is becoming overwhelming. It is now taking over my weekends in that my first thought after I wake up is......When can I get coffee? Today I had 2 coffees. I sent my insurance girl out to get something for me about 1 hour into my shift as I thought I was going to fall over onto the patients. How odd. It's funny too because I don't use coffee for caffeine. I just love the warmth and the taste. That first sip....yum. I drink non-fat latte's by the way. Just in case any of you are by a Starbucks and wanted to nip in to give me a treat. HA! I think that I should probably put a designated amount on my Starbucks card every month and then not go over that limit. Good in theory, however, I think probably not very likely. It's probably not a good idea to deprive myself. =) God forbid I should start to have withdrawls. I may wind up at Promises like Britney, Matthew etc.. Although, now that we have a house payment, I think I can't afford the $40,000 per month charge. Too bad.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Exhaustion, yes indeed

Hello gang. I am typing this now as I sit on my couch watching Tim play God of War 2 on our new TV. It is large and shiny. It frightened me when it first came out of the box. Of course that was the one that had a dead pixel on the screen, so we had to take that one back to Best Buy. We got a new one right away. It's kinda nice to buy things in the "Magnolia" Section of Best Buy. They didn't give us any hassle.

The "rack", as I affectionately call our new home, is coming together nicely. The den (aka Bee's room) is still a mess of boxes, however, once Tim starts wall mounting TV's, all that stuff will come off the floor. Yay.

This whole experience has been great, but exhausting. Tim and I are at the end of our ropes and just need a really good night's sleep. This is all very surreal in that I can't believe that we actually own this piece of property. It feels like we are staying in a hotel and soon we will have to leave.

I am fortunate enough to be off tomorrow. First order of business, sleep. Then, I'm off to try to buy rugs. Oh yeah, this has also been the most expensive thing I have ever done. i just paid the credit card bill. If I wasn't so exhaused, I'd need drinks. However, I can barely drag my tired ass bones off to bed, let alone over to the bar cabinet. (yes, we now have a bar cabinet). Housewarming party to follow!

Monday, March 05, 2007

One week to go

Only one week to go until Saddle Rack is officially ours. I can't wait! We are going to spend the first week cleaning and then moving. I'm hoping to take a few days off to get organized. I'll post pics along the way so that I can chronicle the excitement of our first place. =) Yipeee!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cue theme song to Friends..

I got my hair cut. I accidentally have "the Rachel". 10 years late. Go figure