Monday, January 17, 2011

2 1/2 months later

So yeah. I am epic fail at blogging. I know. It's so funny too but I just love to read other people's blogs, yet I can't get it together to take care of my own.


Chloe is now 18, almost 19 months. Her language is starting to explode. This morning at breakfast she said "this yum" about coffee cake. Her words now include bubbles, mop mop, Sam (Yellow Wiggle), please, thanks, nuts, bye bye, hi, uh oh, and of course NO. The funniest thing right now is asking Chloe if she's pooped (we're in the very early stages of potty training) and she looks at you coyly and say "no". Ha.

She is still swimming once a week and I think I am going to bump her up to 2 lessons a week. She is certainly a little fish and I want her to be swimming pretty well by the summer. I'm sure our pool will get lots of action when it gets warm again.

And now we are trying to plan the next few months. We need to plan a vacation but can't decide where to go. We were thinking Hawaii but the thought of getting on a plane for 6 hours with Chloe is a bit overwhelming. Hmm. But I can see my lava flow waiting for me on the balcony at the Ritz in Kapalua. Aloooohhhhaaaaaeeeee!


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